Newfound Rentals

How it works

Newfound Rentals provides affordable monthly payments for backyard storage. As an industry leader, we partner with the best storage building retailers and manufacturers in the country to provide quality storage – in your backyard! As a trusted expert in the storage facility industry we ensure our partners have the most competitive program on the market while providing the highest level of customer service.

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7 year warranty

The Key

We are the Key to Ownership for customers and have the highest ownership rates in the industry. Match the rental plan with the storage building that fits your needs. As the industry expert we provide creative, affordable storage plans that are best suited for you. All Rental Purchase Agreements allow for early payoffs with no penalties. Why rent self-storage when you can rent then own!

7 Year front to back warranty

*3-Year Warranty available on LP Smart Siding.

Barn Owls Portable Buildings, LLC will cover all defects (normal aging & wear excluded) with regards to materials and craftsmanship at no cost to you for the first 7 years. All of our treated or primed materials have a life-time warranty against termite damage and fungal decay.

Please note that used buildings are sold “as-is” and the warranty will remain to cover everything listed above with the exception that the 7-year term start from the day the building was built.


Submit an Application In-Store.

Your credit will not be impacted and approval is instant, as well as guaranteed, if you meet the basic criteria.


  • Why rent self-storage when you can lease and then own.
  • Multiple rental terms at competitive rates with low security deposits.
  • No credit is needed. This is your most flexible path to ownership.
  • Same as Cash option available!


Submit a Finance Application In-Store and Get Approved.

Your repayment plan features a fixed number of payments at a fixed APR.


  • Great alternative to off-site self-storage!
  • Interest rates starting at 5.9% – The lowest in the industry!
  • Lowest total cost of ownership.

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